Správy od Ježiša/Jeshua prostredníctvom Pamely Kribbe

III. Byť Pracovníkom Svetla v Novom Veku (Being a Lightworker in the New Age)

IV. Rána s Jeshuom ((Mornings with Jeshua))

Chanellovala Natalie Glasson

Pleiadian Alaje

6 replies on “Channeling”

Thank you for this web site, I have found it through my friend face book by mistake. This is what I was looking for! I have a gifted son and I am trying to understand him in different ways and this web site has explain so many things to me. I am so grateful, thank you so much I wish I could have your help to help my son. 🙂

Páči sa mi

Iva……I believe that you will find people who know understand the thought of your son. Children show us how to live differently, now is many children which opening a new era , new thought..go the way of love, the way to God

Páči sa mi

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